Saturday, July 5, 2008

Breakfast, July 5

Morning! It is SOOO beautiful here today. Wonderful temperature, blue sky, and the Hilo farmer's market was amazing. Among today's finds: baby eggplant (about the size of lychee, to be eaten raw), "seedless" lychee (well, almost, as it turns out), and gorgeous squash flowers which I have a recipe for from "The Farmers Market Cookin'" by Sandy Knies Foley Bonk (1994). Probably hook those up tomorrow.

So for breakfast this morning we had yesterday's leftovers but both of us felt that it was a little dry, due primarily to the sweet potatoes. So we topped it with chopped avocado (BI) and it was the perfect addition. Creamy goodness :)

Off to the Waimea Farmer's Market!

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