Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 28

We had the very last of the curry this morning, mixed with some scrambled eggs, for breakfast. Lots of pot roast so this was lunch. Snacked on coconut strips (BI), lychee, and mango. Ahhh - mango season!

Dinner: Grilled Ahi with Chevre Stuffed Mushrooms
served with sweet mashed potatoes and water apples

These mushrooms were delicious and the idea came straight from Chong Kim from Hamakua Mushrooms. She and I were chatting at the Hilo FM at the Hamakua Mushroom booth when she told me how she will core their large oyster mushrooms and then bake. The coring was a little tough with the smaller mushrooms but do-able. I baked them for about half an hour at 375.
The ahi was salted/peppered and flash grilled. Sweet potatoes were cooked in the micro whole and then seasoned with salt/pepper and a bit of butter.

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