Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dinner July 5

Dinner was fajitas, using romain lettuce as the tortilla. Simple recipe of grilled onions, garlic, green pepper (BI, no spray) and the steak left over from yesterday. The picante salsa is on the side - tomatoes (BI, no spray), onions, cilantro (BI, no spray) and lemon juice (BI, no spray). The beautiful watermelon (BI, no spray) is from my favorite Hilo Farmer's Market vendor, Mary ( I can barely tear myself away from her booth - always something interesting there. I will give myself a hernia for sure one of these days, with all of the goodies I walk away with. For those of you here on the BI, she and her family are mauka side, on the corner closest to the street on Saturdays only. One of the things I love about her stand is that her family prepares a number of vegetables and fruits and has them in containers - it's very slow fast food :)

Dessert was the sorbet we made previously.

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