Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dinner July 16

Grilled Broadbill Swordfish and Fried Okra

Served with green papaya salad (from Guinea Grass Farms/Hilo FM) which I added some cilantro to.

1 clove garlic (non-local)
3 T olive oil (non-local)
3 T lemon juice (BI)
2 Broadbill swordfish steaks (Suisan)

Mix ingredients and brush on swordfish steaks. Heat grill or skillet and cook. Unlike tuna, swordfish should be fully cooked.

Fried Okra
1 lb okra, sliced 1/4 inch thick (BI)
1 egg, beaten (BI)
1 c. coconut flour (Island Harvest)
2 T spike (non-local)
Salt (BI)
pepper (non-local
Coconut oil for deep frying (Island Harvest)

Mix flour, spike, salt, pepper. Dip okra into egg. Roll in flour mixture to coat. Deep-fry at 365 degrees until brown. Drain.

NOTE: this okra dish is an alteration of the more classic version that uses wheat flour for dredging and butter or vegetable oil for frying. To be honest, the BIG version didn't work all that well - the flour was very crumbly and fell apart.

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