Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lunch July 6

Thai Soup (almost Tom Yum)

4 C beef stock (I made this from the trimmings off of yesterday's steak)
1 C pepeiao mushrooms (purchased at Hilo Farmer's market from Hamakua Coast Gourmet Mushrooms, 808-962-6350)
2 bunches baby bok choi (BI, no spray)
1 hot chili, chopped very finely (or more; but be forewarned, the small Hawaiian red guys are DANGEROUS)
3 mild chillies, chopped (BI, no spray)
4 T "Thai Spice" (purchased from Guinea Grass Farms at the Hilo Farmer's market - chopped lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaf, garlic and chilipepper)

To stock, add the mushrooms, chillies and spice. Simmer for several minutes and add the white part of the baby bok choy. After a minute or so, add the leaf parts of the bok choy. I served with salad (all ingredients BI no spray or organic) and lychee (BI, probably no spray).

For an afternoon snack, I scored some amazing plums at the Maku'u market (picked from trees at the 3,000 foot level on Mauna Kea).

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